Ironmongery and Finishes

The natural rustic look of reclaimed timber will be enhanced with strong yet attractive fixtures, fittings and finishes. From humble nails and screws to elegant shelf brackets, hand forged coat hooks to hairpin table legs, and all natural high quality OSMO wood finishes that are a perfect fit with our reclaimed wood. Our Wood Shop is stocked with inspirational ironmongery and finishes that will add strength and character to your woodwork project.


At Oxford Wood Recycling we believe that the finishing details are as important as the attention paid to the quality and build of your woodworking project. We have sourced a great selection of cast iron and forged steel fixtures and fittings that naturally complement the raw rustic nature of real timber.

Our ever popular scaffold board shelves are complemented by our range of conventional braced shelving brackets such as the ‘gallows’ or ‘jali lattice’ style. For a more contemporary ‘Floating Shelf’ our utility brackets lack the standard brace yet are heavily reinforced  creating the look of a floating shelf and giving more space below for your next tier of books, pots or pans. For alcove shelving we have a special ‘alcove bracket’ made from solid steel, designed specifically to fit a scaffold board.

For narrower or live edge off cut shelves our ‘penny end’ or ‘scroll’ type brackets are recommended, with even the narrowest strips of wood being stylishly supported by the ‘mini jail’.

With a range that is constantly growing we have well over 25 styles of cup and coat hooks as well as vintage plaques, bottle openers, door latches, drawer handles and even door knockers!

We also have the usual ironmongery for the every day jobs – a large range of the common screw sizes available individually or by the box, a host of handy angle brackets and a big box of new scaffold bands to strengthen and embellish any scaffold board creations.

All of our ironmongery is available to buy through our Etsy shop.

OSMO Wood Finishes

The Osmo Philosophy is that “Wood is a natural material, kept healthy and durable by nature; treat it correctly as furniture or flooring and it can be enjoyed for decades to come!” Osmo products have been developed to allow deeper penetration into the wood grain. This builds a net with the fibres of the timber to produce a micro-porous finish, allowing the wood to breathe and for moisture to evaporate whilst ultimately preserving the wood and keeping it healthy. Osmo Oil has become synonymous with wood care and preservation around the world.

Our Stock

We keep a large stock of the products and sizes that we have tried and liked, and that are popular, and we can order in any and all of the extensive Osmo product range with a little notice. We’ve experimented with various finishes for tables, shelves, walls, floors and small items and have come to the conclusion that:

POLYX – OIL for clear applications – see video below.
DECKING OILS, NATURAL OIL WOODSTAIN and COUNTRY COLOUR for exterior treatment and finishes.

By visiting us you can also see the work we are doing in finishing our stock items of furniture and shelving with Osmo wood wax and Polyx oil.

Exterior Wood Finishes

Interior Wood Finishes

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