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Recycle your waste wood by using our wood waste collection services and save 40% or more on skip charges.


At our Oxford Wood Recycling workshops we have developed a fabulous range of reclaimed wood furniture.

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Our prices for reclaimed wood are always much more economical than the equivalent in large DIY stores.

Who We Are

Established to address sustainability issues in wood waste management and providing employment opportunities for people facing disadvantages.

Oxford Wood Recycling

Oxford Wood Recycling was formed in June 2005 by Richard Snow, Nick Dowling and Helen Porter. They came together on a post graduate Forestry degree at Oxford University. Realising there was a wasteful attitude towards wood products in the UK, they collectively wanted to help address the issue.

Building on Richard’s social enterprise and business management experience there was also an opportunity to enable people facing severe disadvantages to get back into mainstream employment. Using these two issues as pillars of an organisation Oxford Wood Recycling was created.

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What’s New?

Vacancy: Sales Executive

Sales Executive (Part time) A Part-Time (2 days) Fixed-Term Post (6 Months) with the possibility of extension. Salary £20,000 (pro rata) plus commission on sales. Flexible working available. Oxford Wood Recycling (OWR) is a locally well-known social enterprise...

Oxford Wood Recycling

Oxford Wood Recycling is a social enterprise providing an environmentally friendly alternative to a skip for producers of wood waste in Oxfordshire, West Buckinghamshire and most of Berkshire. We specialise in recovering reusable materials from the waste collected, which provide local DIYers and woodworking enthusiasts with a sustainable source of low cost timber. See the Wood Shop album to get an idea of the materials we can offer. For waste wood producers, we can provide you with a comprehensive waste audit detailing the destination of all of your waste, which you may be required to have to comply with recent legislation governing the disposal of waste. For wood users, we have an ever changing array of both ordinary and unusual materials. From raised beds to garden sheds, floorboards to firewood, bookshelves to storage boxes or workshops to wine racks. If you can make it from wood our low cost, high quality supplies are sure to fit the bill.
Oxford Wood Recycling
Oxford Wood Recycling posted 2 photos.6 days ago
Have you visited us recently seeking plywood sheets? If you couldn't find what you were looking for back then, then now is the time to plan a return trip, as we've just had over 100 used but good sheets of 18mm ply rock up at our shop, and the word on the street is that there is more to come!!
Mostly full size (8'x4') sheets but there are off-cuts as well. Price will vary according to quality but for the most part we are asking £12 each or £100/ten sheets. Local delivery is of course available on top.
Too busy to visit? Then call us on 01235861228 (option 2) and you can buy by phone.

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Oxford Wood Recycling
Oxford Wood Recycling posted 7 photos.1 week ago
We know how much you like it when new stocks of hardwood come into store, yet when they are such stunners as these it's often tempting to keep quiet and just enjoy them ourselves!!
Here in this enticing set of images sit a selection of kiln dried planks that all grew in the UK, and feature ash, oak, yew and elm amongst their number.
With too many shapes and sizes to list them individually, you'll just have to step into our store or give us a call if you'd like to know more.
I can tell you now that I'd happily take every bit home myself this evening if I thought I would get away with it 😁
01235861228 is the usual hotline, in 3,2,1...GO!

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Oxford Wood Recycling
Oxford Wood Recycling2 weeks ago
Table sized cable drums are sufficiently uncommon here to warrant an excited post for me whenever one does occur! This slightly damp number on the right is 75cm in diameter x 52cm high, and we'd like £25. The cushion topped one on the right is 55 x 60cm, and for the same price ☺️

#cabledrum #cabledrumtable #cabledrumseat #upcycling #repurposed #rusticfurniture #shabbychic #diy #doityourself #socialenterprise #solidwood #oxfordwoodrecycling #oxford #abingdon #savedfromwaste
Oxford Wood Recycling
Oxford Wood Recycling posted 3 photos.2 weeks ago
Good quality joists, ideal for furniture, raised beds or building work, have become increasingly scarce these days as most new builds rely on glue-lam or other composite timbers. So we are very pleased to say that in the past few days we've been recovering rather a lot of this sort of sought after material.
The 6x2 shown here is mostly in 2.0 - 2.3m lengths and costs £2.50/m. We also have lots of 5x2 at the moment, some up to 3m long, for £1.80/m.

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Oxford Wood Recycling
Oxford Wood Recycling posted 3 photos.2 weeks ago
All sold!

This glowing tower is actually a pile of 22mm chipboard flooring sheets, which would cover 15.84m² if you took the lot (for £55). Individually they'll cost you £6 each and this morning we have 11 available.

#reclaimedwood #chipboardflooring #flooring #savedfromchipping #savedfromwaste #wastenotwantnot #socialenterprise #whybuynew
Oxford Wood Recycling
Oxford Wood Recycling2 weeks ago
All pallets are now sold!! If we get any more we will put up a new post.

PALLETS, pallets, it's all about Euro pallets this afternoon!! Due to the overwhelming quantity of stock that has arrived today I've been authoised to offer you 50% off of all the small pallets, but just for this week only.
That means EURO's are now £2 each and Euro lites are just £1 each.
Collection preferred, but we can also deliver up to 30 miles from our store for a scale of fees. Please call 01235861228 to buy by phone.
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What our customer’s have to say

“It’s very good. 100% behind it and so is the company ”

Site Manager at Westgate Shopping Centre
Laing O’Rourke

“So helpful and patient, totally inspiring staff and materials.”

Anne G

“A fantastic Aladdin’s cave of a place. Brilliant, enthusiastic and informative people. Great collection of Hardwoods. I love this place, inspires me to try and learn new skills.

I bought a gorgeous piece of Chestnut and some large pieces of Oak to build a Garden Bench, I will certainly be back for more.”

Paddy C

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