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Beginning with a piece of piece of pallet wood great things are made possible at Oxford Wood Recycling.
If you love what we do and would like to support Oxford Wood Recycling with a donation – thank you! We are a registered charity so you can be assured that your donation will contribute directly to our work.
You can also support us by becoming a member of OWR. To do so, please download the form below, sign it electronically (or type your name) and email it to
With just one activity of collecting waste wood we are able to create impact in 3 ways.

  • We reclaim 300 tonnes of wood from waste each year for customers to reuse in DIY projects. Carbon is locked up for longer and no need to cut down, process and transport virgin timber. Carbon emissions saved!
  • We create jobs and volunteer opportunities for working people living with a disability or otherwise disadvantaged in finding employment. OWR’s workforce typically includes 35% beneficiary employees.
  • We’re currently creating a Library of Inspiration at The Woodshop in Abingdon including community meeting space and curated exhibitions so that people can get excited and make things, whilst learning more about trees and timber, where it comes from and how the buying decisions we make affect our planet.

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