Pallet Wood

Single use pallets make up the bulk of our collection waste. Many pallets are constructed from good quality timber and can be reclaimed and adapted to a whole range of uses in order to reduce unnecessary wastage. Be it interior or exterior cladding, compost bins, seed trays, flooring and even furniture, utilising our inexpensive reclaimed pallet wood lends texture and character to modern rustic living spaces.

Our pallet lengths are up to 2.4m typically and are priced per metre. We stock three different widths as shown in the table below.

Please complete the enquiry form with the total length required, minimum or maximum length and width you would accept, or m2 coverage you require and our team will provide a quote based on the information provided.

3″ Width 4″ Width 5″ Width
£1.20 per metre £1.40 per metre £1.60 per metre



Reclaimed pallet wood is a hugely versatile product that has taken the design world by storm, it combines distinctive looks with great environmental credentials. With many years of industry experience we are adept at the arduous task of safely dismantling pallets without damaging the wood and we make sure to remove all the nails before putting the timber out on sale.

Pallets have a varied life as they are mostly kept outdoors. Exposure to sun and rain in conjunction with the type of wood and the way it has been sawn, gives each individual pallet a subtly different character. Yet because they are made from largely standardised materials it is easy to accumulate large quantities of a similar dimension.

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