Sheet Materials

If you are looking for cost effective cladding material, sheet materials are often the best way to cover it. Whether you are re-roofing a shed, making a wardrobe, building a workshop or creating a skateboard ramp our reclaimed sheet materials are a great way of getting the job done on a budget. Plywood, chipboard, Stirling board (OSB), MDF and hardboard are all regularly recovered by our collection teams and we don’t just stock the full size sheets – anything down to around 50cm (20”) square we will keep!

Sheet Materials

Like our reclaimed construction timber, plywood and other sheet materials arrive at the Wood Shop via a variety of sources. Sometimes a building site has simply bought too much for their needs and we’ll have pristine 18mm ply sheets without a speck of dust on them. Sometimes we’ll be dismantling a stack of packing cases and get loads of random shaped panels of 12mm OSB that are chock full of staples. Former site hoardings are usually slightly delaminated and a bit mouldy at the bottom, whilst waste from a hydrological research lab can be of the highest quality marine grade hardwood plywood that only ever comes in squares the size of a chair seat.

What we charge for sheet materials is partly derived from looking at the big DIY chain stores, but unlike the competition we don’t put a premium on smaller panels. Any deterioration in quality always results in a better deal and mud/holes/paint/damp and damaged corners are all taken into account when we work out our prices.

As with timber we can cut sheet wood to size if you have a specific requirement – but please note that we don’t cut mdf – and since full size sheets are a handful to carry you should always ask our staff for assistance if you would like help with moving them around. We can also arrange local delivery for a scale of fees, please check out the deliveries page for a guide to prices.

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