Scaffold Boards

Reclaimed scaffold boards are a perennial favourite here in the Wood Shop. The tough outdoor life they live gives every board a unique rugged character – perfect if you are after a rustic look for your home or garden. Valued by gardeners for making deep raised vegetable beds, they are also a popular choice for furniture making – as you will see for yourself when you visit our showroom.

Scaffold Boards

Oxford Wood Recycling has a regular supply of both reclaimed and new scaffold boards. They are a popular choice for cladding, flooring, decking and furniture making. They have been used to make benches and bridges, planters and pergolas, beds in the bedroom and beds for your vegetables.

Reclaimed scaffold boards are a great material to work with as they are always a reliable width and thickness. Another benefit is that they are usually quite long – up to a maximum of 3.9m – and are regularly available in large quantities.

At 220mm wide reclaimed scaffold boards make the perfect plank for deep shelving. If greater depth is required we can glue two boards together. Pre-sanded 1m long scaffold board shelves are a regular product of our in-house workshop and whilst every shelf is made from a scaffold plank each has its own character and will look different. Reclaimed scaffold boards are a great option for building bookcases take a look at our full shelving collection.

Scaffold boards are a generous thickness, strong enough to take heavy loads yet not so thick as to become too heavy to handle. With all the natural variation in colour reclaimed scaffold boards make a great choice for hard wearing table tops. We use these on many of our table designs as part of our furniture collection, treated with the appropriate Osmo wood finish, tables can be used either for indoor or outdoor use.

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