This very interesting and timely Forest Defenders Conference highlights the ongoing plight of indigenous peoples from forested areas. Their misfortune is to be in the way of (often illegal) logging operations to harvest valuable tropical hardwood timber. Their suffering is shocking and eye-opening.

20170404_Flyer Forest Defenders Conference Oxford, UK

20170522_Forest Defenders Draft Schedule

Forest Defenders Tickets – including Film screening and talk.

Buying sustainable timber

Most European timber is certified under PEFC or FSC schemes. There’ s not a huge problem with European and forestry, which is widely regarded as sustainable.

If you are sourcing new timber from further afield, please be aware that there is still a huge amount of illegal and unsustainable logging going on. The drivers for this are the high value of certain exotic timbers, facilitated by poor governance in some of the countries affected. Make sure when sourcing new timber or timber products that they carry the FSC logo.

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