Firewood and Kindling

When it comes to keeping warm on a cold winter evening – or adding to the mood of a summer barbeque – there’s nothing quite so satisfying as the crackle, hiss and solid radiant heat of a real wood fire. In a bid to cut back on a reliance on fossil fuels, wood burning stoves are seeing a resurgence, yet without a sustainable fuel source they cannot be the answer. Buying firewood and kindling from Oxford Wood Recycling provides a sustainable solution. All of our kindling is made from building waste off-cuts, and our kiln dried hardwood logs come from well-managed forests and woodland.

Firewood and Kindling

If you have ever bought firewood from a garage forecourt or garden centre, you’ll know from experience that it can be a hit-and-miss experience. Often the logs are not fully dried, other times they will be some quick grown and poor burning low grade hardwood such as willow or poplar that gives little heat and less value for money.

To get the brightest, hottest burning fire, it’s essential that the wood you burn is a suitable species and fully dry before use. This drying process is known as seasoning.  We generally stock 2 types of firewood.

Kiln-dried Beech firewood is probably the best firewood you can buy. It’s imported from Poland where stocks are plentiful and woodland cover is high and certified as sustainable under the ‘Woodsure Ready to Burn’ scheme.

Locally Grown Ash firewood needs less seasoning than many hardwoods and air-drying it is as eco-friendly as it gets in terms of energy use. Ash will also give you a long lasting hot fire, although not as fierce a heat as Beech.  Choosing locally grown ash helps to sustain woodland cover in Oxfordshire.

Bagged kindling comes as softwood off-cuts from our workshop and is ideal for getting your fire going on cold winter nights, or for use in a fire pit for summer evenings.  Use as a fire starter or improver if your logs (not ours!) are a bit damp.

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