Cutting Service

“Only buy what you need” is one of our Oxford Wood Recycling mantras –  we don’t just sell to the nearest standard length – inevitably it’ll be too much and you will end up with waste. If you know what you need, bring your cutting list with you to our Wood Shop and we will cut and sell you what is required for your job. Don’t yet know yet what exactly is required? Then our friendly and experienced staff will do their best to help you.

OWR’s cutting service for wood purchased for our store is one of our most popular activities.

  • Buy only what you need – In most cases we can cut to your measurements. No waste!
  • Helping you to get everything away in your vehicle at one visit.
  • Not confident of your measuring or cutting skills? Let us take the strain.
  • We only charge for cutting in order to be able to maintain our saws. See opposite for charges.
  • We can complete larger orders in a few days for your collection or to be delivered.


There are two main ways that wood can be cut. One is across the fibres of the grain (the blade cuts at a right angle to the length of the timber) which is known as cross-cutting. The other is along the length of the fibres of the grain (the blade cuts parallel to the length of the timber) which is known as rip cutting. For plywood and sheet materials, due to the interlocking nature of the fibres in their construction, all cuts are known as rip cuts.

For cross-cutting timber, cutting services are usually available while you wait, though at busy periods and during our Saturday opening times we may need to take a record of your details and will let you know when the wood is ready for collection.

For rip cutting timber, cutting will be dependent on the availability of qualified staff and on the specific wood type and dimension.

For rip cutting plywood/sheet materials, on larger sheets this requires two staff to operate the table saw safely and may not be available while you wait. However, we’ll probably have it done whilst you run an errand or do your shopping.

Due to the limitations of the machinery and the varying quality of reclaimed materials we would like to advise customers to anticipate an accuracy of +/-5mm when ripping timber/sheet materials with our table saw.

Our equipment is fairly basic and also expensive to maintain. Therefore we are only able to offer a cutting service for materials bought from us.

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