Construction Timber

Building with wood is as sustainable as it gets and with reclaimed timber it need not be expensive either. Our well stocked Wood Shop has a range of reclaimed construction timber, from roofing battens to 4×2 studwork timbers, bigger joists to garden sleepers, fence posts, old reclaimed floorboards and lots more besides! All our wood is carefully de-nailed before it goes on sale and we can cut it to size for you too.

Construction Timber

At Oxford Wood Recycling we make it our business to stock reclaimed construction timber to suit your DIY needs. With up to 45 collections each week the Wood Shop sees a steady supply of reusable timbers coming through the doors, we pride ourselves on offering this wide range of construction timbers at very competitive prices. All reclaimed timbers are carefully checked and nails are removed by our teams before they go on sale.

For your DIY projects be they garden sheds, pergolas, fireplace mantels, garden tables or even workbenches we have plenty of the common sizes of 3”x2” and 4”x2” for your construction needs. Oxford Wood Recycling collects timber from both new build and demolition housing sites so a lot of the timber we collect is of structural quality. In addition to stocks of CLS and PSE dry graded construction timber, we often have much older wood from demolition projects with all the beautiful markings and features that characterise older reclaimed timbers.

Over the past 10 years we have collected massive beams and fabulous floorboards from a myriad of local landmarks, such as Abingdon Gaol, the Old Radcliffe Infirmary, Park Place near Henley-on-Thames and a number of the Oxford University Colleges. We’ve had 300 year old oak and elm tie beams from a cattle barn near Witney, pitch pine panelling from the Oxford University Chemistry Department, iroko work bench tops from a local school, lock gate timbers from along the Thames and richly scented softwood beams with over 350 growth rings!

Often commented on as an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ by new customers and constantly inspiring our regulars, a visit to our award winning store is a must. But if you’re thinking this all sounds too good to be true, we’ve got to admit there is a catch. By obtaining almost all of our stock timbers from waste we’ve learned from experience that nothing is predictable, what you see is what we have got. We might get something similar but it will never be the same again. This is the excitement and beauty of reclaimed wood, every piece we have is unique.

Want to discover our latest treasures? Then visit soon and take a look!

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