Firewood & kindling

High-quality local firewood & kindling
Hardwood Firewood  – £5.80 per Net.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Firewood for sale at £5.80 per bag, and Kindling at £3.50 per bag.
Mixed local hardwood firewood for sale

As well as supplying the Oxfordshire community with beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood and timber for DIY or creative work, we’re also pleased to be able to offer high-quality firewood and kindling from trusted local sources. We’ve well-established links with the farmers and suppliers we buy from. They provide us with excellent quality hardwood logs (ash, oak and hazel for example) that are ideal for burning. Our firewood and kindling all comes from within a 15 mile radius, buying from us is definitely buying local.

Why buy firewood and kindling from us

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Firewood for sale at £5.80 per bag, and Kindling at £3.50 per bag.It’s often tempting to stock up on firewood and kindling from your local garage or supermarket but buying wood like this is sometimes not the best way to keep warm!

Mainly sourced from China, that has a disastrous record of deforestation and environmental vandalism. The wood, usually soft wood pine has a good flame. However, it burns at lower temperatures and has a tenancy to dangerously spit and pop. It also leaves flammable tar like deposits in your chimney, that can ignite to cause chimney fires. Often the soft wood is sold in plastic bags and with a high moisture content. You’ll be left with damp wood that’s hard to start and a lack luster, cool and dangerous fire.

It makes sense to buy your firewood and kindling from a trusted supplier like us. We understand the qualities of wood to create the perfect fire. You can be sure that our quality hard wood is locally sourced and well seasoned before it gets to us.  We sell it in nets to let wood to continue to naturally season. Our firewood will definitely create a hot glowing fire that you’ll be warm and cosy with on cold winter nights.

We’re so sure that our firewood and kindling is clean and dry to burn beautifully, we’ll give you your money back if you don’t agree.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Firewood for sale at £5.80 per bag, and Kindling at £3.50 per bag.

Kindling is essential for getting your fire up and running and we offer great deals on kindling throughout the year. At the moment, we’re offering a bulk discount on our Oxfordshire kindling which is made from clean recovered waste wood that burns really well and gets your fire quickly underway. 20 Bags for £3.00 each


For a beautiful open fire it’s worth stocking up on good quality firewood from Oxford Wood Recycling and again we offer great deals throughout the year.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Firewood for sale at £5.80 per bag, and Kindling at £3.50 per bag.Our mixed hardwood firewood is just £5.80 per Bag (approx 10kg) and we’re currently we’re offering free delivery on ten bags or more of local mixed seasoned hardwood logs or softwood kindling. This applies to a 15 miles radius of Abingdon (OX14 5JX). We can also deliver further afield at £1.25 per mile.

If you require firewood or kindling in Oxfordshire,  Berkshire, Wiltshire or Hampshire area please contact our team to place your order and arrange a delivery today.

Wood Burners

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Gas Bottle Stove £225If you love the thought of a real fire to keep you warm or want to heat a patio for late night parties such as Halloween, bonfire night or a chilly clear night for astronomy, a gas bottle wood burner is just perfect.

Built by a local artisan, qualified welder, they are safe, robust, stylish and different. A real focal and talking point as well as keeping you snugly and warm. It has a hot plate for a pan of soup or kettle. A door to stoke the fire and keep any stray coals from falling out. The chimney keeps the smoke high and well away from you.

Small enough to be portable with extending legs and a pull apart chimney for easy transport or storage.  We have these for sale and and are ideal to heat a boat, van, garage, workshop, other outdoor space or winter camping with friends.

As you sit in front of a real hypnotic, roaring log fire you’ll be pleased you bought your wood from us.

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