Why Reclaimed Timber

From budgets to looks, there’s so many reasons why reclaimed timber features are so popular at the moment. Adding a reclaimed wood fixture to a room can create a wonderfully rustic look, connecting your living space to the natural world.

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Modern Rustic Bedroom

Taking inspiration from the Modern Rustic and Scandinavian-style homes, character is immediately injected into any space through the use of the beautiful textures of wood that’s already seen use. Mixed with modern colours, texture and fabrics reclaimed wood is a must have in any interior designers pallet.

In recent years, the popularity of reclaimed wood in homes, shops, pubs and coffee houses across the UK has sky-rocketed.

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Shoreditch Pizza Resturant

From trendy Shoreditch bars and resturants to relaxed modern living, reclaimed wood has taken its place as a major 21st Century design classic. This trend hasn’t just spawned from the fact that reclaimed timber is quirky and unique, it’s also due to the positive effects it has on the environment.

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The most obvious is that, when we buy reclaimed timber for our homes, offices and shops or any item that’s been crafted from reclaimed wood , it naturally saves trees from being felled. For each tonne of wood grown the tree absorbs 1 tonne of CO2.

Using reclaimed timber prevents unnecessary waste entering landfills, therefore reducing the release of gasses. The Global Trees Campaign estimates that less than 10% of wood waste is reused. Approximately 3000 tonnes of what could be recycled timber, is sent to landfills or burned every working day in Britain.

Oxford Wood Recycling collects nearly 1500 tonnes of timber per year from the local area, of which we reuse over 20% of it in our Abingdon store.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Rotting Wood
Rotting Wood in Landfill

Wood that rots in landfill produces methane, which is 25 times more harmful than CO2.  One tonne of rotting wood releases methane  equivalent to 600 kg of CO2. 100% of OWR’s collected wood is either recycled or reused.

Another way that reclaimed wood has a positive impact on the environment is that the wood reclamation process consumes less energy than the wood creation process. Acquiring wood from normal forestry sources consumes 10 times more energy than it takes to prepare reclaimed wood for reuse.

Reclaiming timber plays a pivotal role in keeping the construction and timber industry’s CO2 emissions down, helping to save trees from felling and reducing the emissions of timber creation.

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Unique knots and texture

The benefits of reclaimed timber is not only about its ethereal aesthetic.  Much lighter than concrete, brick or steel, reclaimed timber is unique, beautiful and mysterious. Each piece telling a story through its scars, stains and marks.

Its uniqueness and history ready to be explored sitting with a cup of coffee or quiet moment at a dinner party. The feel of the texture on your fingers as you mindlessly wonder what previous life the timber has had and how it won its character.

Here’s a quick run-down of the unique benefits that come from buying reclaimed wood:

  • Strength and durability: As wood ages, it becomes more robust and, on average, it’s stronger than virgin wood. This makes it less prone to warping, splitting or other quality issues, so you can rest assured you have a strong and durable piece that will last.
  • Easy on your pocket: OWR has a wide range of good quality, competitively priced reclaimed wood for DIY and building needs. You only buy the lengths you require as we can cut to order. Being reclaimed doesn’t mean its of inferior quality as many building sites finishing their works give us their brand new excess wood.
  • Quirky and unique: Anybody can buy nice virgin wood lengths from the big DIY sheds, but no two people will have the same reclaimed timber piece. Period looks can be achieved depending on the age of the reclaimed wood. Each piece wears its history proudly with aged stains, subtle grooves, nicks and imperfections. This look simply isn’t achieved with virgin wood; it has its pros, but it can’t match the character reclaimed timber offers.
  • A story to tell: Wood ages wonderfully and, of course, it has its own story. With reclaimed wood, you get a piece that has an intriguing history and provenance to share with family and friends. OWR has had pieces from a 12th Century Church under the Westgate center or more recently from the Oxford Colleges We’ve had pieces from Eastman House home to visiting academics many of whom were Noble prize winners.

There are many other important benefits to be gained from the use of reclaimed timber. We live in a world of diminishing natural resources, over-forestation and environmental concerns. Using reclaimed wood helps to preserve our forests by reducing the need for virgin timber.

Today, many varieties of wood which were once abundant and freely available are in very short supply. Some, such as the American chestnut or Elm, are to all intents and purposes extinct and not available for commercial use from natural sources.

Generally, processing this wood has less impact on the environment than felling, transporting and processing new timber and the varieties we’ve recovered can include those not available naturally.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Deforestation
Wide spread deforestation

This growing trend has spread among us to use reclaimed timber, which has a unique and attractive look. Coming with an enormous amount of history including notches and nail holes, reclaimed wood furniture comes alive in your hands and feels particularly rich and exquisite when it’s used in your home.

Oxford Wood Recycling, creates a way to shop that is environmentally responsible but puts a smile in your pocket and a smile on your face!


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