Shop Our Showroom

Spring 2016Situated on the first floor of our Abingdon warehouse, our showroom is stocked with some truly inspired thinking, unusual present ideas and cool home furnishings.

We’ve worked with our staff, local mental health charity Restore and some of our clever inspiring customers using our reclaimed wood, delivering to you a wide variety of stunning products.


Whether it’s one of our fabulous pine chests, for all those scattered toys, or our delightful dining sets to entertain your friends and family, we’re confident we’ve something to create your perfect homely haven. Our products combine the values of reuse, reclaim or recycle, all wrapped up in the warmth of wood.

Cool contemporary to farmhouse rustic be sure you’ll find something unique and beautiful.  We have a high turnover of products so it’s constantly changing and evolving. Visit regularly to get your latest fix of inspiration.


Good with Wood