Natural edge timber

Our Oxfordshire store of hardwood natural edge or waney edge timber is very popular with our customers. It’s unique, beautiful, rustic and really rewarding to work with.

Our stock is regularly updated. We constantly have new pieces arriving into our warehouse and it all sells quickly, so if you are looking for some natural edge timber, why not pop in, have a look around and see what you can find? Our team can help and advise you as you search for the perfect piece.

Natural edge timber table tops
With some sanding and oiling it’s not too difficult to create a beautiful and unique natural edge or waney edge timber table top saving you hundreds of pounds on a shop -bought table and giving you the satisfaction of creating something fabulous yourself.  Rustic table tops like this certainly have the wow factor in a home and will be an instant talking point with family and friends.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Ash Hairpin side table
Ash Hairpin side table

If you would like to embark upon a table top project talk to one of our team members and we’ll help you work out you what you need and how best to get started.


Natural edge timber chopping boards
If you’d like to start small then why not try making a rustic natural edge timber chopping board – or cheese board? Wooden chopping boards are quite pricey if you buy them from a cook shop. Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - BreadboardsThe alternative is a cheap and run-of-the-mill supermarket chopping board or something hand-made from a craft fair or similar (again quite expensive). So if you’re feeling a little crafty yourself why not just make one? We have lots of natural edge timber in our warehouse and we can advise on the best wood, shape and size for your project, as well as giving you some ideas around the most effective techniques.

Natural edge timber shelving and bathroom plinthsOxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Kitchen Shelf
We often get asked for natural edge timber to make attractive shelves in our customers’ homes. We always have stock of this kind of timber so it’s easy for you to come in, pick it up and get to work on making yourself a beautiful feature shelf or set of feature shelves for your house.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Timber BoardThe same goes for natural edge timber for bathroom plinths. This lovely example shows how a simple piece of wood could really make a big impact in your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Maybe you have different ideas about something to make with natural edge timber? If so just drop us a line and we’ll let you know what we have in stock. You might also find some beautiful pieces on our eBay store from time to time so why not take a look there too?

Need something specific?
Our resident hardwood expert is always on the lookout for interesting or unusual natural edge timber to satisfy and inspire our customers. If you have a particular project in mind just drop us a line and we will endeavour to source the specific size, species or rustic character planks for you – if we don’t already have them in stock.


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