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Here at Oxford Wood Recycling we’ve been thinking of things you can do with recovered waste wood. Inspired by the many fantastic items our customers make and the latest design trends, we’ve created a fabulous showroom space in Abingdon.

Take a look at our customer projects for some inspiration

Our showroom exemplifies and showcases the uses of reclaimed scaffold boards, pallet wood and other reclaimed timber from our warehouse for an easy living home, latest cool bar or trendy up market restaurant look.

Canadian and Scandinavian design approaches actually overlap. In both countries, interior design alludes to landscapes that are rich in lakes, forests, rivers and mountains. And in both places, coziness – especially during the winter – is key.  Canadian design tends to be fuller and draw on deeper hues for comfort, while Scandinavian design is cleaner and relies on lighter tones to combat darkness when the sun goes down so early.

Oxford Wood Recycling - Buy Reclaimed Timber - Farmhouse Table
Square leg Farmhouse table

Modern Rustic is such a buzz term. Everyone seems to be embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. Raw wood and stone are perhaps the most important features of a modern rustic home. Like Scandi and Canadian, this style wants to bring nature inside but juxtaposed with the latest Italian kitchens and clean refreshing bathroom spaces. The use of reclaimed wood can add that instant aged character to achieve this style.

If you’re creating a modern eclectic or indoor/outdoor look we have the style of furniture and accessories that you’ll love. We have designed the furniture not to be too far removed from our stock of wood downstairs so the style and design is achievable with little woodworking skill; if you want to give it a go and add that really personal touch to your home. It’s a great talking point and a wonderful sense of achievement.

Remember using recycled wood form us is good for the environment,  good for your community and good for your pocket too!

Whether it’s a wedding, house warming or gift to yourself you’ll be inspired to feature wood in your life.

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