logoThe IT Support wizards of Abingdon! Need IT Support  – Call Andre and co! Thank you to everyone at Clairelogic for fantastic service levels and your charitable support to us during 2015. We look forward to working with you this year.


Low Impact NetworkA very fine ecological organisation, putting people in touch with useful people, products and services. Everyone trying to tread lightly on the earth.



81ecca_6ed4b4e827e442b584c68f886a0ae552.jpg_srz_p_183_143_75_22_0.50_1.20_0The Wood Store at Brighton wood Recycling. Best furniture ever from reclaimed wood.




CULTIVATE-LOGOcopy1Lovely people bringing local veg and other food to Oxfordshire folk via markets, veg van and online.



Our national membership body and supplier of around 40% of our waste collecting work.

Green Accountancy Logo



banner-logo-transparent                                                                                                                                                                      Brilliant wombles of Headington – providing scrap materials for crafting since I don’t know when.


Aspire Oxford provides life-changing support, training and skills for people who have survived adversity and are committed to making remarkable changes to their lives.


The Community Action Group (CAG) Project consists of over 60 groups across Oxfordshire, at the forefront of community led climate change action, organising events and projects to take action on issues including waste, transport, food, energy, biodiversity and social justice.


Social Enterprise UK is largest social enterprise network in the UK. From building markets for social enterprises to large scale public facing campaigns such as Social Saturday, they exist to amplify the voice of their members and get social enterprise on the radars of decision makers across sectors. As well as operating nationally they have a strong regional presence in communities through their Social Enterprise Places Programme.


Abingdon Town Council has a vision to work with its partners to create a cohesive town that reflects its culture and tradition with the key features of the town centre looking like they belong together. Their vision is to develop a vibrant and attractive modern market town that is steeped in history and which the people will be proud of and want to share with visitors; a town that is economically vibrant, attractive to look at, has a lively social and cultural scene and strong community cohesion. In 2017 Oxford Wood Recycling won a grant from the council to further our social aims.


Good with Wood