7 reasons to buy Oxfordshire bespoke wooden furniture

Get bespoke wooden furniture from an Oxfordshire-based social enterprise.

If going out to a large superstore or home furnishings shop to find a piece of furniture just isn’t for you, you might be interested in sourcing something more unique for your home. Buying bespoke is a way of ensuring that the pieces of furniture you choose for your living spaces can’t be found elsewhere. Bespoke wooden furniture will become an interesting talking point in your house and it’s quite likely to be much better value for money than a mass manufactured piece.

Read on for seven perfect reasons to choose bespoke wooden furniture from the team here at Oxford Wood Recycling:

  1. It can be made to the exact size you need
    If you live in an old cottage with an unusual layout we can take your exact size and shape requirements and build a table and bench that fit in perfectly. Alternatively, if you live in a larger, more modern home we can build a vast table and bench set to accommodate all your family and dinner guests! Here’s an example of our solid country table.Bespoke wooden furniture
  2. You can choose the finish you like best
    By buying bespoke there’s no need to traipse around the shops or spend hours searching online for a finish that matches your décor. Our bespoke range includes a wide variety of colours to fit in with any home – modern or country chic!
  3. You can get matching items
    We can also supply you with bespoke items to match your country table and bench. For example, our shelves can be made to measure or we have stock for you to buy and take away today, along with a range of contemporary and period style brackets. Shelving can be finished in a wide variety of colours so you can get them to match your table or choose a complementary tone.
  4. You can be inspired and get creative yourself
    It’s difficult not to be inspired when you walk into our warehouse or showroom and see all the beautiful pieces of wood we have. You might like to start small and make yourself a beautiful natural edge timber chopping board to go with your bespoke wooden table and chairs. Or why not think a bit bigger and make an additional cider bench to put against the wall in your kitchen to provide extra seating for guests? You can find instructions on how to make a cider bench here.Need advice before getting started? That’s where we can really help. Our team will talk to you about your project by advising what you need and how to get started. 
  5. Bespoke wooden furniture can save you money
    The word ‘bespoke’ can sometimes make you think ‘expensive’. But our bespoke wooden furniture offers fantastic value, making it far more cost effective than you might get elsewhere. At Oxford Wood Recycling ‘bespoke’ simply means you get the exact piece of wooden furniture you are looking for at a great price.
  6. You will be supporting a top-notch social enterprise
    Did you know we are a social enterprise? We offer employment and volunteering opportunities to people who find it hard to get work, so if you buy bespoke wooden furniture from us you’ll be supporting a good cause too. We aim to make a profit but all funds are re-invested back into the business, so we can create more jobs, and more products and services for you.
  7. You’ll be environmentally friendly
    All the wooden products we sell are made from locally reclaimed wood or well-seasoned planks from local and well-managed woodlands. This means your timber will have travelled minimal miles and have had low environmental impact. Our products are also finished in natural wood stains, waxes and oils so your bespoke wooden furniture will be as environmentally friendly as possible, giving you a little extra satisfaction that you’ve made the right choice by buying from Oxford Wood Recycling.

 If you are interested in buying beautiful bespoke wooden furniture from a social enterprise, getting the exact piece you need, while saving you money, then please contact our team on 01235 861228 or email info@owr.org.uk

You can also pop into our premises in Abingdon and we’d be more than happy to chat to you about our bespoke wooden furniture range or any wood project you think you might like to embark upon. Either way, come and say hello and be inspired by wood!