We’ve moved! Our new Abingdon warehouse is now open for sales of cheap timber

IMG-20150107-00022Our new address is:              Unit 4, Suffolk Way Abingdon OX14 5JX       (Just off Drayton road).

The warehouse is now fully stocked with secondhand timber, panels and other interesting wooden stuff.  Do please pay us a visit,or check out the Reclaimed wood page for our latest ebay shop items.

Wood for sale.                                                                                                                               Visit Reclaimed wood to see some of our current stock.

For the last 9 years our customers have brought new life to discarded wood by creating items for use indoors and out. Here are some fantastic upcycled items made with our wood.

Waste collections                                                                                                                 OWR offers a professional and competitive collection service to businesses in the region. Read more here Waste Collections. 

Social Enterprise                                                                                                                 Some of us at OWR have faced barriers to working, and as a Social Enterprise

we actively try to help others find employment by offering work experience and volunteering opportunities. Our volunteers sometimes find jobs with us!